The Daniel Plan

This Semester we will be doing an all Church study called “The Daniel Plan.”  The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren focuses on our physical health. The Daniel Plan teaches simple ways to incorporate healthy choices into your faith, friends and current lifestyle and how to incorporate the kind of foods God created to keep us fit and strong. We will see five key concepts of optimal health that promote success: Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends. These concepts help to deepen our relationship with God and offer inspiration as we make positive choices each and every day that will be an important part of your growth.

Daniel Plan Small Groups launch February 3, 2019 – March 23, 2019


Souls on Fire Boot Camp – Thursday 6:30PM and Saturday 8:30AM
Begin your journey to finding your healthy soul with Maria and Tammy and Souls on Fire Boot Camp.  This exercise program is designed for every level of fitness including those who have never exercised.  Every fitness move can be modified as you build strength and endurance with low impact workout routines in a fun-loving environment.  You will learn how to incorporate cardiovascular, endurance and strength training to prepare you to serve God the best you can for the rest of your life.

Strength Training with Simon – Saturday 10:30AM
Join personal Trainer and Coach Simon Khan to start your Daniel Strong Training.  This class is designed to build the mind and body to connect through workouts.  Strength through body weight first functionality and incorporating the using weights while conditioning the body with circuit training to maximize the strength in your body.

Zumba with Jason – Tuesday 6:30PM and Saturday 10:00AM
Grooving to the beats of salsa, flamenco, and merengue music feels more like a dance party than a workout, which is exactly what makes Zumba so popular. Whether you can dance or not, whether you are coordinated or have two left feet Zumba is an enjoyable way to get your cardio in.  This class is co-ed so men you are welcome to join the dance party!

Meditation and Mobility with Tammy – Thursday 6:30PM
Injury occurs in everyday tasks when the body must compensate for a region that has lessened mobility. Our bodies are designed to move fluidly and perform basic functions with ease and strength.  Mediation and mobility combine gentle movements to strengthen your body while meditating on scripture to strengthen our emotional and spiritual being.


(M2) [Monday 7:00PM @ Ottisville] Led by Nakia & Kishon Hickman (Kid Friendly)

(M3) [Monday 7:00PM @ Middletown] Led by Lissette & Matthew Alverez (Kid Friendly)

(M4) [Monday 7:00PM @ New Windsor] Led by Madelyn & Milton Aquila (Kid Friendly)

(T2) [Tuesday 7:30PM @ TC] Led by Jerry Blanco (Kid Friendly)

(T3) [Tuesday 7:30PM @ Middletown] Led by Keith & Leslie Laguer (Kid Friendly)

(T4) [Tuesday 6:00pm @ Middletown] Led by Kerrianne Taylor & Deanna Diaz (Kid Friendly)

(W1) [Wednesday 7:00PM @ Middletown] Led by Joel & Lynette Santiago  (Kid Friendly)

(W2) [Wednesday 7:00pm @ Middletown] Led by Yesenia & Johnny Diaz (Kid Friendly)

(W3) [Wednesday 7:00pm @ Middletown Led by Bianca Sabogal  (Kid Friendly)

(TH5) [Thursday 7:30pm @ Middletown] Led by Catalina Soto (Not Kid Friendly)

(S1) [Saturday 7:00PM @ TC] Led by Katherine Davis (Kid Friendly)

(S2) [Saturday  7:00pm @ Middletown] Led by Femi & Regina Omosebi  (Kid Friendly)


(TH3) [Thursday 7:30pm @ TC] Led by James Laguer (Not Kid Friendly)


(M1) [Monday 7:00PM @ TC] Led by Myra Blanco & Lisa White (Kid Friendly)

(T1) [Tuesday 10:00AM @ Middletown] Led by Christine Casareale (Kid Friendly)

(TH6) [Thursday 7:30PM @ Newburgh] Led by Liana Rivers (Kid Friendly)

(F1) [Friday 7:00PM @ Middletown] Led by Theresa Ogburn (Kid Friendly)


Healing and Restoration
(F2) [Friday 7:00PM @ TC] Celebrate Recovery
Led by Anthony Hernandez & Diana Maldonado (Kid Friendly)
Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-Centered Recovery Program for adults 18 and older. It is a support group where love and hope are combined with God’s purpose to mend struggles, issues, hurts, harmful behaviors, etc.  God has taught us that ‘change is possible’! Not by our power but his. If you would like to find freedom from our hurts, hang-ups, and habits, join us. 

Community Outreach
(TH4) [Thursday 7:30PM in Middletown] at Honor Emergency Housing Project  Daniel Plan by Rick Warren Led by Rosa Otero-Walsh & Aaron Deslandes (Kid Friendly)
Honor is a housing shelter that provides emergency refuge for many Middletown families.  If you have a burden for community outreach this group is great. This group will meet bi-weekly in the Middletown area location TBD and will help organize small donation campaigns to assist with the shelters many needs.


(TH1) [Thursday 10:00AM @ TC] Intercessory Prayer
Led by Isaac & Maggie Osei-Bosonpem (Kid Friendly)
Intercessory Prayer is the act of saying a prayer on behalf of another person. The intercessory prayer group prays for the needs and requests of the people of TC.

Transformation Pathway Step 03
(TH2) [Thursday 7:30PM @ TC] Starting Point by Andy Stanley
Led by Linda Seppey (Kid Friendly)
This course offers the tools necessary to make becoming fully transformed followers of Jesus happen in your life.  We will lead you step-by-step from healing to growth.  Come join if you are new to a relationship with Jesus and looking for a strong foundation.

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